Country Bay Manor B&B

Herring Spawn


Herring Spawn


Recently, the herring spawn began along the coast of Oceanside, the water changed colour with the spawn to a beautiful aquamarine colour, reminiscent of the Caribbean waters! Fishing boats could be seen from vantage spots along the scenic ocean side 19A Hwy, and beautiful to see of an evening, with the twinkling lights coming from the many boats, sometimes very close to shore.


A short trip from the Bed and Breakfast to the French Creek Marina would give you a great experience of viewing the catch being unloaded from the boats, creating a bustling and busy atmosphere at the small Marina.


Nanoose Bay has had a lot more ocean birds feasting on natures spoil, and the odd sea lion making an apperance for a feast of herrring!




Touch of red!

Touch of red

Red accents for new guest patio!


I have added a love seat with red cushions, and a red umbrella to the guest patio recently, and guests are enjoying eating breakfast outside with this wonderful summer weather!


The ocean is sparkling with the clear water, and guests have been taking advantage of the kyacks provided by the B&B, with easy launching just beyond the front lawn!


Country Bay Manor would be a wonderful venue for a small outside wedding, and was the chosen facility to host a bride and her 3 bridesmaids on the eve and morning of her wedding recently. Hairdressers, make up artist came in the morning to the B&B and set up in the sitting room to help the girls get ready, also a photographer came to record the event. I was thrilled to later host the bride and groom for their wedding night! 


I have also had the pleasure of hosting another bride and groom, and several couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries at the B&B this summer.


- Elaine

New additions

New private guest patio, and patio doors recently installed!



Bed and Breakfast





A new entrance has been created into the sitting room of the Bed and Breakfast, instead of previous entrance into walkway.










The picture window that faced the oceanfront in the sitting room has been removed, and French patio doors installed instead of, there is also a new cement pathway that leads to a new patio area on the East side of the bed and breakfast wing, this makes for a more private area for guests to enjoy the panaramic ocean view of Nanoose Bay. 

French doors


New Sign for Nanoose Bay

Recently a new sign was erected by the Regional District of Nanaimo, on Northwest Bay Road as you enter into the Nanoose Bay community from Parksville. It is a beautiful, and classy looking sign with a blue background, and features a beautiful silver/gold tree, and a smaller picture of a duck. "Nurtured by Nature" is so applicable, and describes beautiful Nanoose Bay so well!


Nanoose Bay Sign

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon


October 5th. 2015


It is fun to watch the return of the Coho Salmon in the bay, especially at high tide, to see them leaping out of the water, and hear the loud splash when they come back down! Fly fisherman are trying their luck at catching these feisty fish, wading into the relatively shallow waters at the head of Nanoose bay. 

image garry fishing

Guests at Bed and Breakfast, are enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather, trees are turning, and there is beauty wherever you look, what a wonderful mellow time of year to visit Vancouver Island!


- Elaine




Parksville Museum Farmers Market

Farmers Market opened on May 22nd. @ Graig Heritage Park in Parksville (beside Information Centre) on Friday evenings, 5pm - 8pm. It is a lovely setting in amongst mature trees, enjoy live music that adds to the great atmosphere, and the Museum is open to visitors during the Market, so you can take in the vendor stalls, as well as check out the heritage buildings at the same time!

The Market will be open every Friday evening until October 9th. Check out Lainey's Bouquets, a vendor with locally grown flowers made into beautiful bouquets!



Moorecroft Regional Park

April 14th.~

image view of shoreline
Photo of Coastline.

Recently I visited Moorecroft Regional Park on Stewart Road, Nanoose Bay. It was purchased by the Reginal District of Nanaimo, and the Nature Trust of BC in 2011 from the United Church of Canada. The beautiful waterfront property was originally owned by Gertrude Moore, and she established a summer camp for girls in 1934, which continued for twenty years. The property was then purchased by the United Church in 1954, and continued to be run as a camp until the recent purchase, and then became a Regional Park for everyone to enjoy.

image forest trail to meadow

The Park is a tranquil place to visit, and trails are suitable for wheelchair and strollers, there are beautiful ocean vistas, and lovely picnic areas, one with tables at the ocean side. The trails are gravel, and meander through the forest, with lush ferns, and other native flora, and also trails along the coastline, with gorgeous views across Georgia Strait. There is a large meadow area that one of the trails leads to, and I could imagine wonderful family fun, on this grassy area in the summer.

image meadow
Photos of Forest trail, and Meadow.

Moorecroft Regional Park is approx. 5km. from Country Bay Manor, turning 

right onto Northwest Bay Road from Powder Point Road, turn right onto Stewart Road, when you come to a fork in the road, keep to the left, and Park is at the end of the road. 





Orca in the Bay!

March 30th. 2015~


Because the waters of Nanoose Bay are very shallow in front of the B&B, I don't think of possible sightings of Orca whales in the bay, but on Sunday I heard a report that there had been a pod of Orca who had chased seal lions up onto the beach, near to the Canadian Navel Base, and where the waters are deep for the harbour. I was disappointed that I hadn't been home at the time to maybe see them, but on Monday morning, I caught a climpse out of my windows, of spray that looked like it was coming from some blows! When I took a closer look through my telescope, I was thrilled, and excited to see several dorsal fins of a pod of Orca, near to the dock of the Navel Base!  

I understand that the whales are Transient Orca, and are hunting the sea lions, and seals around the Nanoose Bay Peninsular, there have been several sightings in Beachcomber, Northwest Bay, (this is mostly where the sea lions and seals hang out) and now Nanoose Bay, for the last 3 weeks or so. There was also a sighting of a Gray Whale in the Beachcomber area last week as well.

The annual spawning run of Herring along the shoreline has been evident for the last two months, and has been part of Estuary life along with the viewing of Bald Eagles, Blue Herron, Geese, Red Wing Blackbirds, and ducks of all shapes and sizes at the head of Nanoose Bay where the Bonnell and Nanoose Creeks flow into the ocean, it truly is a beautiful place to have the great pleasure to call home, and to share this beauty with my guests at Country Bay Manor B&B, is a wonderful pleasure as well!