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What's happening in Nanoose Bay

The Sun and the Moon ~


 image beautiful colours


Recently at Country Bay Manor Bed and Breakfast, there have been some spectacular sunrises, and gorgeous reflections of the moon in the calm waters of Nanoose Bay!


 image beginning of sunrise

 Generally the sunrises are in oranges, turquoise, and red colours, as seen in first photo, but recently there was a stunning one that was a pinkish red, and one of those moments  in time, when you stop what you are doing, and just enjoy the beauty that welcomes a new day!


image sunrise


Last week was the 3rd and last full moon of winter, it was a beautiful sight as it travelled across the night sky and reflected on the water of Nanoose Bay, it was creamy orange in colour, and another "wow" moment to be  enjoyed from the comfort of your armchair, at Country Bay Manor!


image 3rd full moon of winter