Country Bay Manor B&B

Orca in the Bay!

March 30th. 2015~


Because the waters of Nanoose Bay are very shallow in front of the B&B, I don't think of possible sightings of Orca whales in the bay, but on Sunday I heard a report that there had been a pod of Orca who had chased seal lions up onto the beach, near to the Canadian Navel Base, and where the waters are deep for the harbour. I was disappointed that I hadn't been home at the time to maybe see them, but on Monday morning, I caught a climpse out of my windows, of spray that looked like it was coming from some blows! When I took a closer look through my telescope, I was thrilled, and excited to see several dorsal fins of a pod of Orca, near to the dock of the Navel Base!  

I understand that the whales are Transient Orca, and are hunting the sea lions, and seals around the Nanoose Bay Peninsular, there have been several sightings in Beachcomber, Northwest Bay, (this is mostly where the sea lions and seals hang out) and now Nanoose Bay, for the last 3 weeks or so. There was also a sighting of a Gray Whale in the Beachcomber area last week as well.

The annual spawning run of Herring along the shoreline has been evident for the last two months, and has been part of Estuary life along with the viewing of Bald Eagles, Blue Herron, Geese, Red Wing Blackbirds, and ducks of all shapes and sizes at the head of Nanoose Bay where the Bonnell and Nanoose Creeks flow into the ocean, it truly is a beautiful place to have the great pleasure to call home, and to share this beauty with my guests at Country Bay Manor B&B, is a wonderful pleasure as well!