Country Bay Manor B&B

Touch of red!

Touch of red

Red accents for new guest patio!


I have added a love seat with red cushions, and a red umbrella to the guest patio recently, and guests are enjoying eating breakfast outside with this wonderful summer weather!


The ocean is sparkling with the clear water, and guests have been taking advantage of the kyacks provided by the B&B, with easy launching just beyond the front lawn!


Country Bay Manor would be a wonderful venue for a small outside wedding, and was the chosen facility to host a bride and her 3 bridesmaids on the eve and morning of her wedding recently. Hairdressers, make up artist came in the morning to the B&B and set up in the sitting room to help the girls get ready, also a photographer came to record the event. I was thrilled to later host the bride and groom for their wedding night! 


I have also had the pleasure of hosting another bride and groom, and several couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries at the B&B this summer.


- Elaine