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The Sun and the Moon ~


 image beautiful colours


Recently at Country Bay Manor Bed and Breakfast, there have been some spectacular sunrises, and gorgeous reflections of the moon in the calm waters of Nanoose Bay!


 image beginning of sunrise

 Generally the sunrises are in oranges, turquoise, and red colours, as seen in first photo, but recently there was a stunning one that was a pinkish red, and one of those moments  in time, when you stop what you are doing, and just enjoy the beauty that welcomes a new day!


image sunrise


Last week was the 3rd and last full moon of winter, it was a beautiful sight as it travelled across the night sky and reflected on the water of Nanoose Bay, it was creamy orange in colour, and another "wow" moment to be  enjoyed from the comfort of your armchair, at Country Bay Manor!


image 3rd full moon of winter




Notch Hill Trail

Trails close to Country Bay Manor;


Notch Hill.

 image map of trails on Notch Hill

February 19th. 2015 -       


I hiked the Notch Hill trail today, it is a fairly strenuous hike if you choose the straight up route, and you need to be reasonable fit, it climbs a total of 240 metres, or 787' I opted for the steep ascent on the way up, and gentler grade trail down, hiking poles would be of benefit. It takes 20-30 minutes to the summit, I choose a high overcast day to hike the trail, but still had an outstanding view of Nanoose Bay and Harbour (you may see a Navy ship docked) Mt. Arrowsmith, Nanaimo, and across Georgia Strait. It is one of the most popular trails in the area, the trail takes you through Garry Oak and Arbutus trees, and meadow that wild flowers grow in, Spring time would be a lovely time of the year to enjoy this hike. image fork in Trail

The trailhead is on Powder Point Road/Fairwinds Drive,1 km past the 4 way stop, and on your right, approx 3.5km for Country Bay Manor. From the parking area, head up the gravel trail, there is a gate and a shed on the left when you get to the two large concrete reservoirs, follow the trail to the left, and in a few minutes you will come to a fork in the trail, take the right and head up a steep section to the top of the Notch, if you take the left fork you will come to the lower look out. On my way down, I took a side trail to the left, it looped back to the main trail further down the hill. The entire hike should take about 45-60 minutes. Another access to Notch Hill summit is at the end of Anchor Way/Chain Way. From Powder Point Road, turn right at 4 way stop onto Anchor Way, trailhead is at end of road.

image of view from Summit looking across Georgia Strait